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ONS Platinum (ONSP)

A Digital Asset Entirely Backed by Oz of Platinum

ONS Platinum Token (ONSP), is a collateralised stablecoin running on the Avalanche C-chain, Polygon and Ethereum blockchains, and its price is always pegged to the ounce of platinum.


ONSP ONS Platinum Token

The Crypto Equivalent of Physical Platinum (Ounce)

ONSP is a cryptocurrency with a physical equivalent. For every ONSP generated, the same value of ounces of platinum is added to the company’s treasury.

ONS Platinum Token (ONSP) aims to make platinum more accessible to everyone and facilitate platinum transactions.

Trade 24/7

ONS Platinum (ONSP) is a digital asset that can be traded 24/7.

Traceable on Blockchain

All ONSP transactions can be tracked on the blockchain.

1:1 Platinum Exchange

The ratio between ONS Platinum Token (ONSP) and physical ounces of platinum stored in safe deposit vaults is 1:1.

No Storage Cost

Unlike physical platinum, investors are not charged custody, transfer, and administration costs.

Convertible to Turkish Lira

Investors holding ONSP can convert their assets into Turkish lira via the cryptocurrency trading platform bitlo.com.

24/7 Support

You can get 24/7 support for your token tradings to make an investment in the correct way.

How does ONS Platinum Token (GRAMP) work?

ONS Platinum Token (ONSP), which is issued in the equivalent of the physical ounces of platinum, is generated on the Avalanche C-chain, Polygon and Ethereum blockchains. For every ONSP generated, the same value of platinum in ounces is added to the company’s treasury. Investors can store ONSP tokens in compatible cryptocurrency wallets.

A smart contract has been created to maintain the supply-demand balance between ONSP and the ounce of platinum. When an ONSP token is generated, the same value of platinum is automatically added to the company’s treasury by this smart contract.

When the amount of platinum in the company’s treasury decreases, ONSP tokens in the equivalent value are burned by the smart contract. Thus, the 1:1 ratio between the ONSP and the ounce of platinum in the company’s treasury is always maintained. This ensures that the ONSP is not affected by sudden price fluctuations on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Advantages of ONS Platinum Token (ONSP)

Price Stability

ONS Platinum Token (ONSP), like all stablecoins, aims to provide price stability to its investors and protect them from sudden price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

Trading without Middlemen

ONSP facilitates its holders’ access to platinum. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to execute the ounce of platinum transactions with ONSP from anywhere in the world, every day and every hour. Due to the decentralized structure of the blockchain, there is no need for intermediaries such as banks in executing transactions with ONSP.

Peer-to-Peer Transfers

ONSP token transfers are done peer-to-peer, meaning that ONSP tokens can be sent directly from one wallet to another. Thus, ONSP transactions are much faster, cost-effective and safer than transactions with the physical ounce of platinum.

Transparent Structure

ONS Platinum Token (ONSP) is completely transparent. Stablecoin traders usually have to rely on the company’s declaration of collateral. You can always see the supply of ONSP and its physical counterpart on the blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers you seek about Gram Platinum

What does ONSP offer?

ONSG is a stablecoin that offers price stability in the cryptocurrency market with sudden price fluctuations. With ONSG, whose price is supported by the physical equivalent, the ounce of gold transactions can be made 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

How to mine ONSP?

ONSP is not a mineable cryptocurrency. ONSP is supplied by Token Technology in such a way as to maintain a 1 to 1 ratio balance with the ounce of platinum.

What is ONSP collateral?

ONSP is a collateralized stablecoin. For every ONSP token in circulation, an equal value of the ounce of platinum is held in the company’s treasury.

How to buy ONSP?

You can easily and safely buy ONSP on Bitlo, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey.

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